Reboot GIFs

Andrew Forgrave has given a wonderful introduction to the 1990s Reboot series, and how fun it is to create GIFs from the Number 7 episode (available on the Prisoner106 Archive page). Today I watched the episode, and once again realize that so much has been created in niches of popular culture that I have not visited. We all have gaps, and it is often fun and worthwhile to fill them.

Of the three GIFs I made and present here, the first one turned out to be one of the scenes Andrew chose. If you would like, view them both in separate windows so you can compare our interpretations. It is the scene where Rover once again traps a prisoner.

Help Me!

Help Me!

The other scene I chose is a bit more abstract, and required a slight bit of work. Since the point of view was slightly panning, and the face of the character Megabyte was also moving, I chose to crop the image to just the masks.

We're Watching You!

We Know Who You Are!

Attribution: frames for these GIFs taken from the You Tube video of Reboot, copyright 1997 by ReBoot III Productions. Used under fair use for educational and parody purposes.

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