The Beatles On the Radio

The Beatles

On the Radio

For The Daily Create tdc538, we are tasked with: Someone just discovered an unknown recording of the Beatles. Draw the new album cover. I decided to draw using Gimp. I selected a photo showing a radio, but wanted to include a reference to ds106 radio. So, I cropped the wording from another photo for the logo. Putting the title and subtitle was merely a matter of selecting the font and size. For the back cover, I gave a simple explanation of the origin, and listing of the songs. My intent is to make the album look more like a bootlegged edition. The reference to copyright clearance is meant to give the bootlegged album an air of legality.

Images came from flickr, each with Creative Commons licensing for use and modification, noncommercial, with attribution. Here they are:

From Andrea Marutti, the original photo “Bääfest 4 – The Beatles Box and more”.
From Andrew Forgrave, the original design “ Animated GIF “Your NEW Old Radio Friend””.

IamTalkyTina StoryPoem of Clichés


The Daily Create 536: Write a one paragraph story that uses way too many clichés

I interpreted “one paragraph story” a bit loosely, but here it is (in honor of IamTalkyTina):

talk your ear off
talk turkey
talk through your hat
talk it up
talk in circles

heart-to-heart talk
money talks
She can talk the leg off a chair
talk ’till your blue in the face

I am not my brother’s keeper
I am better off alone
to make a long story short
stick to the story
that’s the story of my life
tell tales out of school
time will tell
kiss and tell
Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are

How this story was made:

Using the Cliché Finder at, I entered in words related the IamTalkyTina theme. The actual words that produced useable results were talk, I am, story, and tell. The results were trimmed by deleting those that just didn’t work (in my opinion), but leaving the rest in the order that they appeared. I think it tells quite a story of our ds106zone digital storytelling experience with Talky Tina!


30 Uses for a T-shirt

T-shirt Time for tdc534

1. Wear it.
2. Print your corporate logo on it and sell it, thus get paid for advertising your product.
3. Wear it as a head covering.
4. Dish rag.
5. Wash the car with it.
6. Use it to help grip wet rotating plumbing connections.
7. Wipe your hands.
8. Tear it into strips and make a tail for your kite.
9. Stretch and frame it, so the printing on it becomes fine art.
10. Stretch and frame it, so you can paint it yourself.

11. Use it to fill in the gaps around your house, to prevent heat and a/c loss.
12. Sell it on eBay, claiming it is highly collectible and rare.
13. Make a book cover with it.
14. Make it into a beverage can holder.
15. Swat insects with it.
16. Run it up the flagpole. Use the right color for your mood: red flag of revolution, black flag of anarchy, white flag of surrender, etc.
17. Tie dye it and be a hippie. (it takes more than that, you know!)
18. Use it to protectively pack whatever you are shipping.
19. Strain any kind of liquids through it.
20. Undo all the threads, and knit yourself a t-shirt.

21. Shred it, and mix a bit into your hobo stews.
22. Make coffee filters.
23. Cover a window for privacy or block out too much light.
24. Put it on your golf clubs to help keep them clean.
25. Wipe your car’s dipstick on it.
26. Burn it, put the ashes in a special container, and make an altar.
27. Make a parachute for a little green army guy.
28. Make a tent for the other little green army guys.
29. Cut ‘n’ sew it into a necktie.
30. Stretch it in front of your microphone as a pop filter when recording Drive-Bys or broadcasting on ds106radio.

Story Listening


“I Failed Story Listening”

Story listening is as important, I think, as story telling. Here at ds106 I’ve been listening to quite a few stories! They have been fun, educational, enlightening, quirky, serious, and fanciful. The identities the authors and characters take on perhaps did not exist before the stories were written. Each has been absorbed into the character portrayed by “me”. I don’t think I have failed story listening…

These images are from one of my on-going stories, a scrapbook I have been building for the past few years called “Tap Here”. This page contains samples of text and images from a variety of sources, that somehow my stream of consciousness put together. Do they make sense? To me, in a personal and referential way, sure. Just as life makes more sense when viewed from the far end, so do these stories. Once declared complete, “Tap Here” will join the other volumes of Trek Across the Present, sometimes on a shelf, sometimes in a box, always on tap for review.


Words Get in the Way

Tap Here Pages

Tap Here pages


For Daily Create 531, we are asked to make a closeup photo of an unusual object in your freezer. I shifted to the fridge, and put my phone in there, showing the tweet of the Daily Create.

Phone on Ice

Phone on Ice

So, how did I make the icy effect? I opened the original image (seen below) in Gimp. First I used the curves control to adjust the color and white balance. This made the picture look a bit better, compensating for white and dark areas. Then I used the Filters tab, selected Distorts and Apply Lens. This gives a lens magnification effect, but I needed to not set the refractive index too high and end up hiding all the background. I want you to see that it is in the fridge, with appropriate items seen (juice in a jug, beer bottle, sour cream container). The end result looks like the phone is encased in a clear block of ice.

original image

original image

Who is Really Talking?

Who is really talking?
All of a sudden, life appears to be a gigantic solipsistic conspiracy.
But who is really talking?

Solipsism suggests that it is all in my mind.
But ds106 must exist separately from my mind.
ds106 is a mind that lives on that Twilight Zone flying saucer.

Who is really talking?
Everyone here seems to have a pseudonym, an alter ego, a split personality.
But then, I haven’t yet told you about Karen Eggnog, Bard Snarfles deceased, or Alvah Avram Laszlo…my personal history.

Who is really talking?

Who is Really Talking?

Who is Really Talking?

To Serve Men Kanamits Burgers

For Daily Create tdc520, here are the burgers we had for lunch. Fresh from outer space, these ground Kanamits burgers were formed and quick-frozen on their home planet. When grilled in a blast furnace, they taste just like chicken. Available at Food Lions and other Food Beings throughout the colonized regions of the Imperial Galaxy.

Kanamits Burgers to Serve Men

Kanamits Burgers

To the Giant Lady

For Daily Create no. 518 “Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes”

To the Giant Lady

O Giant Lady (for Lady you are!)
in the farmhouse
How valiantly defending
your self
your land
your people
your planet
from invaders
from American imperialist troops
from fear itself

O Giant Lady (though I am from USA)
will you let me read to you?
As you seem to be,
I am all alone
I am hungry for
your company
your cooking
your visions

O Giant Lady (in another zone)
how can I come to you
how can you come to me
how can I see you
how can I read to you

O Giant Lady (if there is time enough)
be my friend!

–Henry Bemis

Badges assignment

ScottLo recently expressed the desire to be compensated for his fine work with a badge for his webpage. I found that there is a badge assignment!

ScottLo Badge of Radio

ScottLo Badge of Radio

And I thought that everyone in the ds106zone should have a badge.

For all ds106zone participants

For all ds106zone participants

I found a website that makes all kinds of badges, with tools to modify quite a bit. Plus they are gifs, so I used Gimp for animation. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Will you make more badges for everyone?