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Citizen of the Galaxy

In Robert Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy, Thorby starts his life as “lot 97”, sold in slavery, with no memory of family or friends. Bought by Baslim the Cripple, a beggar who is secret an agent of galactic federation against empire, Thorby learns survival on the streets, but also learns the rules of ethics and loyalty that Baslim teaches him. I “like” Thorby because through the book, as he grows into adulthood, he is a quick learner of all things that matter, stays ignorant of things that don’t matter, and is fiercely ethical and a fighter against corruption. I have enjoyed re-reading this book several times in the forty-five or so years I have known it.

Daily Create tdc493

The Sky Begins at Your Feet

The Sky Begins at Your Feet

“The Sky begins at your feet, think how brave you are to walk around.” — Anne Herbert

Daily Create tdc492


Alexander Xenou sat in the darkness listening to the steady tick tock of a clock. It seemed synchronized with his own heart. Tick tock tick tock tick tock – thirty ticks, thirty tocks every minute. It had been hours since he left the board room, the corporate life left behind.

In the dark, the questions came. What went wrong? Where is my hope? What is the next step? Who goes with me and who stays?

With each tick tock of the clock, each beat of his heart, Alexander felt his life paused in time.

Then the light came on.

Dailycreate tdc490

Tap Here

Trek Across the Present

Starting as a blank book, gradually filling with all sorts of eclectic stuff while on this trek across the present we call life.

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green meets blue

Dailycreate tdc487


…is a very interesting word, full of color and flying things and music. It melts in your mind like a Dali clock. In addition, there are so many flashbacks of the fun times of times gone by. Time to dig out my tie-dyed t-shirts and put some flowers in my hair, and burn some incense and peppermints. Wait! What was that I just saw?

Daily Create tdc466

purple, where art thou?

range of hue between red and blue
OED calls it between crimson and violet
you could call it sRGB 128,0,128, too

a poem written by me for
Daily Create tdc484

old penny new penny

Old Penny, New Penny

Roman Republic, 2nd century BC

American Republic, 21st century AC

Daily Create tdc480

Craft a haiku about a piece of fruit.

Thinking by Doing Haiku:

Thinking by doing
Do this: grab, peel, eat. Think this:
Yellow banana

Daily Create tdc478

ds106 aggregated blog, c.1960

Daily Create tdc476

Take the red car tonight

Daily create tdc475

Hold all calls, I'm sleeping.

Hold all calls, I’m sleeping.

Daily Create tdc469

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