TDM/7300 Discoveries

It’s been a quiet month on this blog, but busy on the discovery front. Between extra classes at work, a family wedding, family visiting from out of state and from out of the country, I was able to experiment a bit with the TDM/7300 Temporal Displacement Modulation tuner. If you recall, with a 1960s transistor radio, I could briefly tune in transmissions that seemed to range from the 1930s to the 1960s. I have since been experimenting with a 1960s television receiver, modified to accept inputs from the TDM tuner. While I have yet to find the radio broadcasts that Christina asked me to locate, I discovered that the TDM will tune into text-based non-transmitted archives. This is perhaps more exciting than the original thought of tuning in radio from the past.

The following is a partial transcript of dialog between ScottLo (who involved me in the TDM/7300 project), Christina Hendricks (who expressed interest in finding her college radio dj broadcasts), and myself.

[Bill says] Scott, wonderful news! Dr. Nakamatsu was more of a visionary than we thought; his TDM methods can tune in non-broadcast information, as well as broadcast material. The trick is tuning the wobbulator depth and modulation rates accordingly.

In the search for Radio Moscow, KUOI, there have been mixed results. I misapplied the spatial and temporal coordinates and ended up with Radio Moscow from the USSR days! But the results came closer when I interrogated for text-based modulations. I found Christina in a newspaper photo! I’m unsure of the date, but it seems to be late 1980s. Pardon the odd-looking fit of the image, but I used an old iconoscope and the cathode ray tube didn’t fit properly in the case.

First try for Christina newspaper article

First try for Christina newspaper article

[from ScottLo] Thanks Bill, this is really cool. I love the newspaper article and the way you are redefining Nakamatsu’s machine. I’d like to play your audio update as is this coming Friday. [11/12/13 – 18:04 AST]

[from Bill] Glad it’s ok with you to find new paths through the Nakamatsu universe. Will you put this picture on your blog post, too? Between you and me, the idea for the newspaper reception came from the Star Trek episode (original series, season 1) “The City on the Edge of Forever”, in which Kirk and McCoy and Spock are stranded in the 1930s and Spock builds a contraption to see alternative futures from their version of the past. Another example of science fiction becoming science fact! [12 Nov, 13:07 EST]

[Christina] Oh my gosh, Bill, this is fantastic! I actually remember that photo but not which of the several protests I was at during that time it was taken from. Amazing you found that! I’d love to know what the source was, as I don’t even have a copy myself, I think. Hope to hear that the TDM 7300 finds some of my old recordings soon! [13 Nov, 20:00 PST]

[from Bill] Christina, the TDM/7300 found your picture in your 1991 yearbook, packed in a box somewhere in your storage. Don’t expect any audio before after Thanksgiving. While I might be working on it, the process is quite complex, I have visitors speaking Danish, a wedding this weekend, and lots of electronic and audio discoveries to make. Trying to listen to all the Jean Shepherd tapes I can find. … Later [14 Nov 07:55 EST, just before class]

[Christina] Ah, right…that’s why the image is familiar! I do have that yearbook packed in a box in storage, indeed! Wow…the TDM is quite an amazing machine! [16 Nov. 11:19am PST]

[Bill says] OK, Scott, I’ve acquired a more up-to-date television receiver, and fed the TDM/7300 output into its tuning circuits. Using the coordinates of Christina’s protest story, here is the result. Be sure to refresh the page to see the tuning-in effect until the protest story becomes stable on the screen. [16 Nov 21:50 EST]

Tuning the TDM/7300

Tuning the TDM/7300

Well, I am enjoying the rest of Thanksgiving weekend here in Virginia. Pretty soon I will start focusing on the elusive Radio Moscow transmissions from the dj known as INA. Unless the TDM/7300 teaches me more about some other tunable intelligence. Do any of you ds106 folk have a special request for what the TDM/7300 could tune to next?