Who’s Two? GIF

There are two people who have done a lot of work to make the Prisoner106 summer Village vacation special. I have made a special GIF to honor the hidden committee that (I think) put it all together. Maybe I’m wrong, but these two are special anyway.

2 is more than a number

2 is more than a number

I know that everyone else is special, too. Don’t feel left out! You all have your number, and that number is 106.

Attribution and method: Original images came from the ds106 ~club for each, http://ds106.club/~talkytina and http://ds106.club/~aforgrave. Once imported into GIMP, resized as needed to make them the same, I found “blend” under Animation in the Filters menu. This calculated and added a few extra frames that were meant to provide a smoother transition from start to end. However, it turned out a bit glitchy, which I like. I added a few hundred milliseconds to the original portraits to allow them to stand out better in the animation.

2 comments on “Who’s Two? GIF

  1. konarheim says:

    Great job and tribute.
    I agree.
    Everyone is special and has contributed whether in organization or in participation and support.

    I am very appreciative of the No., 2 position and someone filling it. I am still in recovery from many years of being no. 2 in business and have been really enjoying being no. 106. At the same time appreciate and have NO complaints about No. 2 whoever they are and when ever they are!

    Being nimble and changing is better than iron fences – long live the bendable snow fences and everyone shooting for the moon and still being comfortable with the Milky Way!

    You are a great group! #4Life – and real. Great things happen when everyone gives what they can and all realize that is the benefit rather than an expectation.

    Great to get to know you Bill.

  2. iamTalkyTina says:

    Well, it is always a fun time when True Friends can work together in a Village or on the Internet.

    It was a bit of a surprise last week that there weren’t any Campaign videos so that we could have a vote for a new Number 2. Because we still don’t have one. A Number 2, that is.

    I am thinking that maybe lots of peoples like it in The Village and kind of like having a Number 2 to be the boss of them instead of THEM being Number 2 or even being Number 1 of themself. But as long as peoples are making Art and Having Fun #4life then that is a good Village to be in.

    So keep making lots of Art and even after Week Seven there doesn’t have to be a stop for Prisoner106 because I don’t think a Number 2 will be kicking anybody out.

    Plus, thanks again Bill for putting up things for people like when there was a power vacuum and people maybe didn’t know what to do even though a lot of them did it before.

    But where did Jim and Paul go to?

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