Early Week One Summary

1974 MG Midget 1952 driver

Road Trip!

The end of week one is drawing to a close. Though it is only Tuesday, I must wrap up and pause. Teaching two five-hour classes on Wednesday, rendezvous in small-town Virginia Thursday, retreat in rural Tennessee Friday and Saturday, and long slog back on Sunday. But, prisoner106 will be on my mind, like a briefly heard snippet of a long-lost song. The life of a retired eminence is not filled with time to fritter away.

This introductory phase has some familiarity, due to other ds106 experiences. I have a flickr account, a twitter account, a soundcloud account, a wordpress account. I can do more. I have checked in, created my Resident Information Card, put the Card and the Badge on my blog, and made an announcement of my resignation.

I have now watched two episodes of The Prisoner. Thanks for whomever is responsible for embedding them on the Archives page. Though I was somewhat aware of this show in the past, it seems odd that I did not view it. It would have fit in with my normal media consumption of the time.

I have learned a few things already:

    I can open .psd files in GIMP. The Resident Information Card psd opened as layers, though not quite as designed for Photo Shop. Nevertheless, I was able to edit in my picture and the needed text. I downloaded and installed the Village font, but it seems that GIMP does not display it quite correctly. I had better success typing my name and occupation into Word with the Village font, then saving it as a pdf, and opening the pdf as a layer in GIMP. This trick works for times when I want to edit text in ways that GIMP won’t. The pdf files are images, so GIMP works fine for editing them.

    I learned to be careful what I say, for I might startle other Residents. Tunnels and sewer maps are not to be asked about. But, if you do ask on twitter and get a response, you can immediately delete the tweet! Unless someone captured it, there would be no evidence of disloyalty or plans to escape. Quiet lips make a happy life.

    I learned how to create a group in flickr. I created a group called prisoner106, and it is open for anyone to join and add their prisoner106 related photos and images into. Totally optional, and totally independent. The group is an example of freedom and independence from mind control.

Besides all this activity, I am also giving thought to some philosophical ideas stimulated by The Prisoner and prisoner106. Thoughts about identity and individualism and collective identity and collective behavior. Thoughts of freedom of will or the lack thereof. Thoughts of dictatorial or cultish manipulation methods. Thoughts of what happens when a small group lives in seclusion from the other seven billion humans on earth. Thoughts of openness and sharing, of withholding information, of creating disinformation. Yet to be seen is where all these thoughts will lead.

And also beside all this, I have begun a study of the biblical book of Job, trying to answer the questions of why bad things happen to people, who is ultimately responsible for our fates, and what of freedom of will?

Oh, and I don’t get a summer break from work. And I have a family wedding in August with family coming in and staying in my home. No excuses, just life.

Be seeing you.