Prisoner Number 6 in a Maze

Thanks to my True Friend Talky Tina, I’ve been prompted to make a maze. I would really rather make a labyrinth, and may do so later. But for now, I made a GIFfy Maze.

Prisoner106 in a Maze

Prisoner106 in a Maze

As you can see, Number 6 is at the center of this maze. If this was a real labyrinth, the Minotaur would be there. Can you find the secret entrance? (hint: it’s near the top) Can you trace the path through the Giffy Maze to have a secret meet-up with Number 6?

I made this maze by using an online maze generator at I selected options for a round maze of suitable size, and saved each of the six I made as a png. Note: you could save these as pdf files to print out and solve; plus, you can choose A4 or A3 sizes if you are European or letter or legal sizes if you are American. It was a simple matter to open these mazes as layers in GIMP. But I had to put Number 6 in the middle. I opened a previous picture of mine (the one where he looks like Chairman Mao (which I think means “Number One” in Mandarin)), but had to crop it to a circle and make extra stuff transparent so it didn’t show up. Then I had to duplicate that five times and merge all the pictures into the center of the six mazes. And export as a GIF.

Really quite simple, but that’s because I already knew stuff about making GIFs with GIMPs.

This also reminds me of how life is in The Prisoner. Number 2 always goes about trying to find the way to Number 6 and the INFORMATION he has hidden away in the maze of his amazing brain. And he is always right there in the center of things.