A PANO-Sabotaged Cloned Double Selfie

Summer Morning


The challenge for The Daily Create tdc1983 was to make a panoramic selfie with myself appearing twice. The “traditional” method involves having another person take the panoramic picture, pausing in the middle while you (me, the subject) moves around behind the photographer and reenters the image as the photographer continues to pan.

However, liking to work alone, and liking to try different methods, I chose the PANO-sabotage method. Generally, this involves various waving, flipping, snapping, and other hand gestures and movements while in the panoramic mode. With some thought and control, one can achieve very interesting results. There will often be artifacts of the process, such as slicing of the image, unusual repetitions, and occasionally vertical lines dividing the image into a surprising diptych.

For this one, I went into my back yard on a bright almost-summer morning. Holding the iPhone at arms length, with the front camera aimed at me, I started the panoramic photo. As I carefully rotated the phone, I also slowly moved myself in the opposite direction. This did two things deliberately (maybe more accidentally): put a different background for me so I am “cloned” in tow different spots; and actually got me into the picture the second time. It is pretty difficult to make a panorama greater than 180, and especially to go a full 360. By moving, and some care in the speed of rotation, I was able to pan somewhere between 180 and 360 degrees.

You can check out many other examples of the PANO-Sabotage technique at the excellent PANO-Vision  group on Flickr.

Two for Breakfast

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