Week Six INFORMATION – Advanced Audio and Radio Show

Is Number 2 waiting for INFORMATION?

Is Number 2 waiting for INFORMATION?

So it looks like the administration of The Village is in some sort of disarray. For those going on with the weekly agenda during your vacation, may I suggest:

Follow the guidelines found at Open ds106 Unit 7. This includes guidance on audio work and information about the radio project.

Find more episodes to view. I got them from Daily Motion, but they may be available elsewhere. Save episodes 16 and 17 for last, to be watched sequentially.

Start on your final project, anticipated for Vacation Week Seven, next week. More details at Open ds106 Unit 12.

Personally, I am not doing a radio show, but hope to squeeze in a project. August is not a vacation month.

Also, make GIFs!

Keep on Chopping

Keep on Chopping

One comment on “Week Six INFORMATION – Advanced Audio and Radio Show

  1. konarheim says:

    I think you are getting the right feeling. Good intentions for radio week – but just not falling into place for most at this time.

    What is it with August. All of a sudden the garden is dying off, people are scurrying around and prepping – brings on Fall way too early even though it is a nice time of year.

    There will still be connections and making art.

    Thanks for continuing to post and keep the energy flowing – #DS106 is flexible and taking a turn is what to do. We can figure out what to do next and “We will”.

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