Home by Curfew & Week Five Summary

Well, it’s been video week, and I finally made a quick little video at the end of it.

This was made by clipping some frames from The Prisoner episode 9 “Checkmate” using MPEGStreamclip, exporting them to a folder. I first tried them as a GIF, but didn’t like a GIF that stopped. But I recalled that we’re supposed to make movies this week, so I opened Windows Movie Maker and imported all the frames. I had to adjust the time for each frame, as they were set by default to seven seconds; I chose a .3 second for each frame. Then I had to find suitable audio. Since I already had Big Ben’s chimes, I took a section of that into Audacity and applied the Paulstretch effect by a factor of two, which slowed it down a bit and made it sound interesting.

Overall, the effect is kind of like Cinderella needing to leave the ball before the stroke of midnight. I did not add title or credits because this is more of an experiment than anything. But, by way of credits, the video did come from The Prisoner, and the audio came from the UK Government.

Early in the week, when Number Two failed to post the assignments in a timely manner, I went ahead and made three GIFs, repeated here but you can see more of a write-up in the previous post.

Artist and His Art

Artist and His Art

Laughing at Number Six

Laughing at Number Six

Dem bones

Dem bones

Other than that, I guess I did a couple of Daily Creates and some other minor photographs for We’re Here! on Flickr. I was a bit busy with an extra consulting gig on top of regular teaching this week, but it all worked out.

And I'm Still Looking for INFORMATION!

And I’m Still Looking for INFORMATION!

One comment on “Home by Curfew & Week Five Summary

  1. konarheim says:

    Well – I know the feeling about this week – other things in life distracting as well at trying to figure out if I have had enough of No. 6 or not enough – still not sure which yet.

    And there you go – a short video – but a lot of things in it. Great way to not create project creep. I really like the way the video is slowed down and focuses on her leaving – very cool. A good reminder to look beyond what is in front of us and explore new ideas. Quality and not quantity – good going.

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