Just fun between assignments

There seems to be a disruption in the ether. The new new new new Number 2 hasn’t posted any Week Five assignments yet, so I just relaxed in the bungalow with an Independent Study student and a contract consulting gig I’ve got this week.

But, GIFs!

Artist and His Art

Artist and His Art

This first one shows the creative spirit at work in The Village. Our Number Six had sat for a portrait, and when the work was revealed, it really was quite an abstraction of INFORMATION. I’ve desaturated the artwork to remove color, and allowed it to cycle through the options of lightness, luminosity, and average. I’m doing better on file size by selecting just the painting so I don’t have all the frames showing all the image.

Laughing at Number Six

Laughing at Number Six

Here’s another easy one. All I had to do was import episode 15 into MPEGStreamclip, select the in and out points, clip, export, and import into GIMP. Then trim a few frames and export as a GIF. This episode has so many GIFfable scenes, especially at the carnival.

Dem bones

Dem bones

And, finally for tonight, a snippet from the final episode. I won’t comment in case you haven’t seen it yet. Make sure you have seen all the others first!

Be Seeing You

Be Seeing You

3 comments on “Just fun between assignments

  1. Melanie says:

    Beautiful work. You’ve been busy. Ack! I need to finish off the remaining episodes.

  2. I really like the artwork one; the subtle changes even in a desaturated image are mesmerizing. Good point about not having all the frames showing all the image; I hadn’t thought of that for reducing file size. Nice tip!

    And I haven’t seen the final episode (I’m just watching the ones as they’re released on the archive), so thank you for not including any spoilers! This gif makes me very intrigued. Youngsters? Education?

  3. […] more GIFs, like Bill and Kathy already did. (Kathy says that was nice to relax yesterday in The Village. By making […]

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