Week three wrap-up

Tally Ho

This has been visual week. Most of us have visual capabilities; that is, we see with our eyes, we are not blind, we have vision. There are those who lack this capability, so we must not forget that visual is just one aspect of digital storytelling. I am glad we learned and continue to experiment with audio, and will combine with video.

The interested reader can find the posts I made during the week. Since beginning my #4life with ds106 in the spring of 2013, I have learned some of the technical details of making animated GIFs. What I have learned now is a matter of style that I like; namely, to make the loop as seamless as possible. GIFs that abruptly end and replay are fine. GIFs that play then stop are fine. But I’m liking the never-ending action. The repetition can be made to appear natural, or it can be mere repetition. For the observer, the repetition can bring out additional shades of meaning to the story the GIF is telling. Every repetition is different because the observer is different with every repetition. During this week, GIFs were important to all of us. Those who made GIFs out of the hyperbolic tiling generator had really fine results. I did not pursue the GIFs of this due to time constraints.

I watched four episodes of The Prisoner. In addition to those on the archives, I found episode 14 “Living in Harmony” to be very interesting (especially considering its history of initially being banned in the USA). For being trapped in The Village, Number 6 manages to leave often enough, in physical reality or in his mental reality.

I completed four Daily Creates this week, all photographic in nature. And, since I am playing along in the We’re Here! group on Flickr, I made one of them (with the missing rabbit) to fit their assignment also. I enjoy mixing up the two realms of my photographic efforts. I have invited them to add photos to my prisoner106 group on Flickr Friday, so keep your eyes open and make some friendly comments when you see something interesting.

I think I’ve earned over eleven credit units this week. It would be more but I did not include some of the creations into assignments in the assignment bank. Plus, there aren’t points assigned to the Daily Creates. I am wondering about some Village residents on the tax rolls who don’t seem to be participating. Has their electricity been cut off? Are they trapped in their bungalows? Or have they escaped?

By the way, being trapped in your bungalow is a very real possibility. The other day, when I wanted to go on a photo safari, my automatic door wouldn’t open (you know how it opens too many times, letting people in without warning or invitation?) and I was stuck inside. I saw this happen to Number 6 once, and he managed to exit through his window, but I’m not so spry anymore. This is why my photo safari was of pictures taken from the television instead of really outside with my own Canon Dial 35 camera (available in The Village Store).

Coming up: design and then video and then making a radio show and then a multimedia project. I bet I slow down with the video and then not do the radio show and then maybe have a project. Maybe I’ll do my own radio show. I warn of my history of petering out (wait, what’s Peter got to do with this?). Plus, more importantly, I have a real-life business trip to attend to and also a real-life family wedding-event to attend to. These events will take up a bit of time and energy, as well as detract from time in The Village. I’ll do what I can, but remember: #4Life!

4 comments on “Week three wrap-up

  1. konarheim says:

    I too want to master the GIF of repetition and it is a task to continue. The jerky ones I see in social media posts are now becoming like nails on the chalkboard! I am slowly….very slowly getting into being able to sit through an entire episode. It is taking me a while to get into it. But like exercise – I tell myself I have to finish the set.

    And yes – some in the group are absent and some are over productive – but who ever shows up at the playground has fun while they are there and the next time you come back it is like you didn’t leave. Everyone carries the load at different times. By contributing when we can gives more for others to work off of when we can not and keeps the momentum going at a nice pace.

    A wedding! It sounds so wonderful and such an event in a family – of course that should be a focus. This group may flux – but it is true and that is #4life.

    Wishing you the best summer and also appreciate your engagement until you have to duck out. See you on the other side. 🙂

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      Kathy, I know what you mean about levels of involvement. Having been a #4Lifer for a couple of years now has given me some growth in technical skills and creative outlook, but it has been on top of all the other activities of life. Like all of us!

  2. Bill!

    Kudos to you for your 11 Credit Units plus Daily Creates! The whole points thing is there for the for-real students (of which prisoner106.us really has none) and we are here to have summer fun! Having said that, it is nice to have something to urge us forward. There are likely some folks who are enjoying a reduced electricity allotment, but then again, they are likely enjoying the out-of-doors and may not need the extra for AC in their cottage.

    I know from my previous involvements in ds106 that, despite my best of intentions, it can be difficult to keep up with the challenges week after week. I am conscious that I can get drawn into making GIFs to the exclusion of other components of the course. I’m going to make an effort to broaden my participation and keep going for this one. It’s meant to be fun, after all! But GIFs can be a real magnet.

    Enjoy the wedding — and we’ll see you out and about in The Village when you stray from your Bungalow!


    • byzantiumbooks says:

      I’m not really competitive in score-keeping, but it is fun to think of the need to work for our keep at The Village. Reminds me of our own history of Jamestown, where John Smith famously said something like “if you don’t work, you don’t eat.” Hmm…could we develop a Village philosophy of economics?

      Are we having fun yet? Of course!

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