Surreal Closing Credits Image

If you watch the episodes of The Prisoner to the end, you will see very surreal scene. The penny farthing bicycle is standing in a desert with classical columns and statues with an ethereal atmosphere. What better canvas to merge in the skyful of men in bowlers from Magritte’s Golconda?

Prisoner of Golconde

Prisoner of Golconda

Process using GIMP: I captured the scene from the episode by stopping the playback and clipping with the snipping tool. The Magritte image was opened as a layer, but had to crop to just the sky portion to eliminate buildings and other parts. I selected the sky by color and deleted to transparent. Once placed over the background, this layer still needed some careful erasing where the men were in front of objects. Once satisfied, merge visible layers and export. I had to go back and touch up a bit with the clone tool, but otherwise I like the result.

This is a second go at Visual Assignment 17, and is worth three credit units.

I think we’re all prisoners on this bus.

One comment on “Surreal Closing Credits Image

  1. Beautiful. Each one an homage to the other. Love be it!!

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