Visual Assignment Comic Book Effect

Number 6 The Photographer

Number 6 The Photographer

Visual Assignment 341 asks us to, “Take a picture and experiment with the “Halftone Effect” in some photo editing software to create a comic book effect.”

I started with a snip of the Snipping Tool of a scene from The Prisoner episode 7, “Many Happy Returns”. Number 6 finds a camera at the abandoned Village store, and checks out its action. In GIMP, I used a variety of effects, but mostly the edge detect and the newsprint effects, along with adjustment of color and white balance, and some reversing of colors to work with them.

Does isolating one frame and presenting it in a radically different medium enhance our understanding of the subject? Perhaps it can bring out shades of emotion, intent, and interpretation that remains hidden in the swiftly moving video stream.

One Credit Unit, but lots of fun! And something else to pursue…

3 comments on “Visual Assignment Comic Book Effect

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    I think that it is a nice Art that you made, True Friend Bill. It is a very interesting one with lots of little colour lines that look like little gums or candies or something. But not like gummy bears because those are bear shaped. And chewy. These look more like crunchy.

    But I think that The Prisoner Number Six man is taking a picture of you, so that he can say “Be Seeing You” later. After he gets it developed because of the olden days film. I think he would go to the Shoppe where the man with the 2 maps is.

  2. Stills & effects can bring lots of things to the surface I think. The camera looks a particularly interesting one, I kinda noticed while watching but this bring it right out. It also looks like a shift in decade, although I am not so sure which one.
    Glad to see you using GIMP Bill, convinced me to take another look at it. Needed to make a gif at work when I don’t have my home toolkit, managed with GIMP.

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      The camera is a Canon Dial 35, introduced in 1963. The interesting ring around the lens are CdS light sensors. Takes half-frame images, so a 36-exposure roll can take 72 images. Lots of evidence for Number 6!

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