My Village Vacation

My Village Vacation

My Village Vacation

Visual Assignment 1674 asks us to, “Make a collage of five pictures from your favorite vacation destinations.” I went a little bit beyond five, but the vacation was so much fun and had so much to see!

I took advantage of all the villagers being on holiday somewhere else during The Prisoner episode 7, “Many Happy Returns”. Wandering the Village, I paused the video (in Windows Media Player, of all things!) at the various photo opportunities, then used the Snipping Tool to capture the scenes. Once enough snapshots were accumulated, I used GIMP to make a collage. The “My Village Vacation” title was created in Word (where my Village font works), saved as a pdf, then opened as a layer in GIMP, sized and placed. Once all the layers were merged together, I still needed to crop the overall image to eliminate some misalignments around the edges.

Wandering around a deserted village has been one of those long-remembered childhood fantasies. Even more grandiose would be a deserted Earth! I used to daydream (about age 12) about being the last person on Earth, able to go anywhere I wanted because of all the abandoned cars and fuel and food.

Two credit units!


2 comments on “My Village Vacation

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    It is always a nice time to go on Vacation. Plus, if you want to take pictures without all the other peoples who are standing in your way taking their own picture when you want to take YOUR picture! Why does that always happen? You go when they are not there and have a quiet time of it. But maybe you just used an eraser tool?

    I think that this Portmeirion town is a nice one to have a restful holiday in. Because of the seaside. And it has a beach. Plus blue sky and flowers all over the place. You can climb up stairs to get a good view of all the other places. Plus the fake boat down on the beach that kids can play.

    But as for the Earth, I think that one last man when his glasses broke did not like it too much.

  2. This is a great idea for this particular assignment! Especially with this episode since there are so many parts w/o other people in the shots. While I was watching I was wondering if they would go the whole episode with just him and no dialogue.

    I’ve not used Windows Media Player, so wasn’t familiar with the snipping tool. I probably could just do screen shots while pausing, but maybe the quality wouldn’t be so good.

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