Animated GIF Warm-ups

Today, at the beginning of week three (visual), I decided I needed to review how to download video, select frames, and make GIFs. I watched the episode The Professor, and noted several opportunities.

To download the episode, I grabbed its URL from the prisoner106 archive, and entered it into the video downloader at I’m hoping this site works well without any malware. So far, looks ok. It took about half an hour to download, then I had to save to a flash drive since I was at work. Once home, I copied the file to my own computer to work from.

To grab frames, I used mpeg Streamclip, a freeware product often recommended within ds106 circles. John Johnston has a basic list of steps, which I have modified since I use GIMP, and list here:

1.Open video in MPEGStreamclip
2.Select in and out points
3.Trim (command T on a mac)
4.Export to Other Formatsā€¦
5.Choose Image Sequence
6.I usually click options and choose Jpeg and 12 frames /second
8.Open as layers in GIMP
9.Delete unwanted layers
10.Preview with the Effects>Animation tool
11.Adjust layers and timing for best results
12.Export to Gif

And here are my results:

Reading the Input

Reading the Input

Danger Meter

Danger Meter

Professor Worry

Professor Worry

Page Turner

Page Turner

I’ll be trying to improve my technique during the week. But, for now, two credit units!
Be Seeing You!


10 comments on “Animated GIF Warm-ups

  1. Way to go! You beat us all to the good stuff. Looking forward to seeing your end of week if this is the warm up!

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      Thanks, Kathy. I didn’t beat anyone, just had some free time in my day in my monastic cellPrivate Residence.

  2. Hey, Bill!

    Indeed there is some good stuff to GIF in “The General.” I see that we both selected the Danger Meter. Clearly some things just jump out to be GIFfed!

    I really like your “Reading the Input.” The animation reminds me of the challenges in using vending machines that take paper money. Seems like over half the time it does that in-out-in and then spits the bill back out at you and make you try a different bill. If you have one.

    The “Page Turner” is just fantastic. Perfect loop, and oh so ridiculous. The Professor’s wife sure had some bizarre rationalizations in that scene. “She’s being the world from a different perspective.” LOL.

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      Andy, though we both GIFfed the Danger Meter, you added a higher dimension by altering the original (ds106 label). As warm-ups, I merely selected frames. But altering the frames is something that would be useful for the cause of storytelling.

  3. Page Turner is particularly perfect, I can echo early comments, great stuff, I’ll need to get up earlier. Thanks for the Hat tip. I am going to try to move out of my FW comfort zone and play with GIMP.

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      I think I improved Page Turner by putting into a tv. In fact, I think framing a picture, especially a GIF, helps the viewer focus and puts the image into a context. Here, the context may be that since I have a television, I no longer need books! (Personally, I’d get rid of the TV…)

      A color tv for my cell!

  4. Wow, excellent work here. I was searching blogs to see how people are downloading the video files; I’ll try the tool you suggest. I love page turner both with and without the TV. Without it, you can see the page that falls perfectly blending into one of the pages on the floor. That is very excellently done.

  5. iamTalkyTina says:

    Well, like Christina says, when you see the paper hitting the floor with the other ones. It looks like he has been doing it for a while but not just stuck in a loop.

    Maybe you can make it into a click-on-the-GIF for music FUN like John Johnston’s instructions say. Those are always fun. He could e saying, “She loves me, she loves me not.” on and on forever. That would be a fun time.

  6. Melanie says:

    Excellent choices here. I love “Page Turner.”

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