Week Two Summary

The second week of prisoner106 is concluding as I write this. In some time zones (like the one where The Village is) it is already over. So today I reflect on what I have accomplished in audio.

I did watch two of the three archived episodes, and may watch the third tonight. In one sense, this isn’t really necessary, but it does help in providing thematic material for the assignments. On the other hand, there are deep philosophical issues raised in the show. What is our identity, and how does it relate to how others interact with us and what they call us. What is the nature of society, especially a small, closed, controlled society? To what extent can an individual be persuaded to change loyalties, identity, and belief? How free is a free person?

Of course, these shows are fictional creations, and apparently still in copyright. As noted in a previous post, I have had difficulty with posting audio tracks to SoundCloud if they include identifiable Prisoner material. Perhaps we are covered by the fair use doctrine as an educational event, but rather than fight the system I found another audio hosting site. But, personally, I am not comfortable with using and posting copyrighted material, both due to the legal implications and restrictions, and due to an unclear ethic of creativity building on the work of others. I’ve explored this in the past, but prefer to step aside from the arguments at the present time.

Assignments: I completed the good morning message (2 credit units) and the sound effects story (3 credit units). Available in earlier posts, I think now that I was a bit lazy and weak in the development of any audio skills I may have. Also, I had made a polyphonic clip by merging the male and female versions of the introductory dialogues. Unfortunately, this was one of the ones taken down on SoundCloud. Also, the good morning message never was picked up by the ds106 Assignment Bank, though I used the correct tags and this blog is in the flow.

Other audio assignments: I completed two audio quotes and one reverse audio recording. (5 1/2 credit units)The quotes I chose reflect philosophical questions within The Prisoner but come from other literary sources, namely Harry Potter and George Orwell. For the reverse audio, I somewhat modified the assignment instructions and used voice instead of music, and selectively reversed phrases rather than the whole thing. I like the effect, and since it is a dialogue between Numbers Two and Six, it almost seems natural.

Resist handwritten tweet He's very Weary
Daily Creates: I was able to complete the required two Daily Creates, plus the one for today. I have been doing this activity for a couple of years, and could have done more than three but allowed myself to use the time for other things. The Daily Creates I did this week were Hand and Paper Drawing, PenATweet, and Franklins Drinker’s Dictionary.

Sharing a Drink with Talky Tina
Other activities: Outside of ds106 I have been active in photography in the We’re Here! group on Flickr. This group has daily tasks of photography based on the themes of other Flickr groups. This week I as able to also comingle the We’re Here! and prisoner106 universes. In a beverage-themed photo, I included a bottle of Diet Coke with the name Tina on it, with Talky Tina’s blog post about The Village in the background. I described sharing the drink with Talky Tina. (Of course, our True Friend played along and left a comment, and even shared bottles with all the known prisoner106ers.) I find it quite entertaining to mix my personal involvements in such ways that the other participants see glimpses of other universes.

Keep my bungalow’s electricity flowing, I’ve earned 10.5 credit units!

Be Seeing You!


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