Reverse Audio Quiz Assignment

To wrap up audio week with sufficient credits, I present one more audio piece. Based on the Assignment “Reverse Audio Quiz” in the ds106 Assignment Bank, I have taken a portion of audio from The Prisoner and have reversed it. However, I have selectively reversed some of Number Two’s speech, so you need to identify the actual words. It’s fun to play!

I used Audacity for this. As the audio was playing on the Prisoner106 webpage, I recorded the section I wanted directly into Audacity (nice trick to be able to record any audio as it plays), and deleted a little bit of extra music I did not want to include. In audacity, I selected the Reverse Effect to selected portions, making Number Two’s words seem scrambled or foreign. I left Number Six’s voice alone, so he seems to be interacting with the foreign speech.

I uploaded the file to SoundCloud, however it was immediately taken down for copyright violation. Here is what they sent in an email to me:

Hi byzantiumbooks,
Our automatic content protection system has detected that your track:
“Reverse Audio Quiz”
may contain the following copyrighted content:
“”Subject shows great enthusiasm.”” by Original TV Soundtrack, owned by Silva Screen Records.
As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being.

I believe we are experimenting with the audio in an education way that falls under the fair use doctrine, but I’m not going to argue with SoundCloud about it. Silva Screen Records apparently owns the rights to the original soundtracks of the original episodes of The Prisoner. So, I uploaded to a different service, Chirbit, which I had never used before, but just a couple of days ago found out my son has used it to store and share sermons for his church group. The link will take you to the Chirbit website player for the audio clip.
Check this out on Chirbit

All for two and a half credits!


One comment on “Reverse Audio Quiz Assignment

  1. talbot12 says:

    Thank you for clarifying the use of this copyrighted material.

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