Audio Assignment: Quotes

Audio Assignment 220 asks us to think upon and record a quote a day. I have chosen two quotes that are appropriate for Prisoner106.

The first may be familiar to you Harry Potter fans. Harry is slain by he-who-must-not-be-named, but awakes in a bright, foggy King’s Cross Station, and has a conversation with the deceased headmaster, Dumbledore. In an interesting view of the afterlife, Dumbledore leads Harry to understand that it is really his choice to stay dead or wake up back in the Forbidden Forest where he had just been slain. Harry wonders if this episode is real or if he is just imagining it, to which Dumbledore gives his reply. (For the sake of our summer2015 course, I have made this quote personal to Number 6, rather than Harry. Forgive me the modification, JK Rowling, and thanks for the multi-volume story I’ve enjoyed in many ways.)

The second quote comes from George Orwell, and has to do with keeping INFORMATION to yourself.

I read these quotes into my iPad using the Voice Record Pro app, converted to mp3 within the app, saved to Drop Box so I could open it on my computer with Audacity. There I adjusted the levels a little, but also adjusted the pitch (one up, one down) a half-tone or so. I thought about adding a bed of music or sound effects, but ultimately left the quotes to stand alone, perhaps for future modification by unknown and unknowable users. I posted the audio on SoundCloud, and notice that in the first few hours of unannounced presence, they were listened to, and even reposted. The repost was from a SoundCloud user not in the Prisoner106 universe, but this shows how open sharing of our little summer activity reaches further than we might be aware.

Be seeing you.


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