Sound Effects Story Assignment

sample and mix

sample and mix

During Audio Week, we are asked by the Administration to create a sound effects story, with at least five sound effects. I made mine tonight by searching for some nice effects online. I used some that are listed as public domain, downloaded from I have sounds of walking, weather, chirping insects, a piano, and applause. I used Audacity, imported each of the sounds as separate tracks (I did this by selecting them all at once, and Audacity sorted the tracks). Then I made level adjustments with the Amplify effect, which can increase and decrease levels. I also used Fade In and Fade Out effects as needed. The piano piece near the end needed to be stretched, and there is an effect called Paulstretch which seems to slow down the track without changing the pitch. Once all the tracks were aligned in time where I wanted them, I exported as an mp3 (note: when you download Audacity, you need to separately download the mp3 codec, due to some license restriction). Uploaded to SoundCloud and grabbed the embed link for your listening pleasure.


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