Good Morning, Residents! We want information!

As week one of the prisoner106 experience wrapped up, I was on the road. A 1500 mile round trip took me to a Bed ‘n’ Breakfast rendezvous in Abingdon, Virginia, and a retreat/family gathering in Bradyville, Tennessee. Along the way, driving mile after mile, my mind focused on INFORMATION.

What information did I observe? Many types! Informative information, such as road signs, warning signs, and advertising signs. Safety information, such as speed limit signs, road markings, and even the rumble strips along the lane margins. Even meta-data was present; the mile markers marking the length of the roadway, the encoded identity markings on bridges and other structures. My car provided information in the form of speed, temperature, time, fuel level, etc.

Many sources of information weren’t meant specifically as information, but became so to the enlightened observer. This would include torn, shredded tires along the road informing me of blow-outs of the past (I actually observed one in progress). Darkening clouds in the sky informed me of approaching rain. Growling stomachs and drooping eye lids informed me that break time was needed.

So much more information. In The Village, those in charge want INFORMATION. The capital letters imply the importance of what’s in my head. As a resident, I need to decide to cooperate, to subvert, or to escape. Maybe I’ll just try to stay alone in my hermit cell that I am building out of the Village-provided bungalow.

The audio file that introduces this post was created from Big Ben sound files available from The UK Parliament. I used Audacity to record this clip. First I saved the Big Ben files, then imported them separately. I had to select, copy, and paste one of the twelve o’clock bells because I wanted thirteen. (The thirteen is an allusion to George Orwell’s 1984). I then aligned the tracks to play one after the other. Then, I had to record and add my voice track. Voice recorded on my iPad using Voice Record Pro, then converted to mp3 and transferred to my computer using DropBox. Import the voice file into Audacity, then I adjusted where the phrases would align with the bells by selecting, cutting, and pasting. In addition, I decided to duplicate the final phrase and use it with the last five bells. Finally, I adjusted levels by using the Amplify effect to both increase and decrease (+dB or -dB) as needed. Exported as an mp3, uploaded to Sound Cloud, and grab the embed code to put in this post.

Escape Mechanism

Escape Mechanism


One comment on “Good Morning, Residents! We want information!

  1. The sound of the thirteen bells is great–it is just off kilter enough to go one past 12. And having the bells tolling makes it feel like you have to give your information NOW, you’re running out of time! Do it before the bells stop or else…!

    Your post really made me think carefully about the many, many sources of information everywhere…the ripped tire, the clouds, etc. Interesting!

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