The Daily Create Experience

One of the features of ds106 that has been most beneficial to me is The Daily Create. Every day we are challenged to be creative. Whether we participate in a particular Daily Create is our decision to make. Sometimes, I have completed one every day; often I’ve skipped one or more. But every day I read what the challenge is. Even the act of reading and thinking about it stimulates my creative juices.

Since the basic rule is that there are no rules, we are always allowed to interpret the task. Today, for example, we were to “Show your mood today by taking a picture of stairs. Show your feet too.” I choose to interpret stairs to include back-door steps.

Soft Landing

Soft Landing
Photo by Bill Smith cc-by

My general approach as been that generally “first thought, best thought”, a phrase variously attributed to Jack Kerouac or Allen Ginsberg, but expressive of Zen thinking. But then I edit and adapt and think. For writing, I try to be spontaneous but also look out for grammar and spelling, and edit for the particular genre. For photography, I usually open up the GIMP and enhance the image a little (or a lot!).

I haven’t done many of the video or audio Daily Creates. Partly it’s the time involved. Partly it’s that I am more interested in images and words.

Happy = Art

Happy = Art
Modified photo by Bill Smith cc-by. Original found at Kheel Center cc-by.

Yesterday’s assignment was “Rouse Public Interest in the Daily Create via a Powerful Photo.” I searched the Flickr for images of “crowds”, thinking that a crowd scene would be helpful. I also limited the search to images with Creative Commons licensing for modification allowed. This led to an interesting news photo of striking dressmakers gathered in an auditorium in 1933. (Image located at The Flickr user who posted, Kheel Center, marked their licensing as “attribution” and gave information about their search for the copyright holder.

So, keep being creative! Make Art, Bub!

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