#headlessds106 is over; #ds106 continues #4life

Headless Past

Headless Past

Where has the time gone? Seems like just last week was August 26 and the beginning of the headless ds106 class. Now it’s past Dec 13, class is over, out with a bang.

Along the way, where are all the people? There’s a hundred and some odd folks on the G+ account for the class, there’s 84 listed on the blogroll. But it seems like I only met a couple of dozen, some just once. Well, ok, we all participate at our own level of choosing. And I wasn’t there all the time either.

Did I meet my own unstated learning outcomes? I guess the answer is yes. I’ve advanced my knowledge of using a few tools for photo, audio, and video manipulation. I’ve used words creatively. I’ve participated in many Daily Create activities to stimulate my creativity. I’ve interacted with several folks about our mutual creations.

Parallel to the course, there have been a couple of other interactions with classmates. In October, attending the OpenVA13 conference, I met a few of our loyal ds106ers and fellow travellers. I wanted to spend more time with Alan Levine, but he was on a jaunt of his own. Breakfast with Andy Forgrave and Scott Lockman was a treat, as was dinner with Scott. Which leads to the other parallel path, ScottLo’s Blue Phase and the TDM/7300 project. The weeks that the Blue Phase (live and recorded and call-in ds106radio show and group Evernote account) lasted, I learned a bit about broadcasting on the Internet, added to my own technical wizardry for listening and producing audio and GIFs, and learned more about ScottLo’s life and never-ending flow of projects started.

During the last fifteen weeks, each of us also had personal and professional lives to continue, or to put on hold. For myself: in November, one son had a wedding, while another son and his wife and daughter visited from Denmark, and my Dad came up from Florida. In September, I spent a couple of days on a consulting job at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. At work, I taught courses in Computer Configuration, Data Communication and Networking, Electronic Communications, Digital Communications, Electric Circuits, and even a couple weeks of Physics. And helped my wife with a couple of piano performance events for her students. And kept up with various activities at church. And kept plugging away at my project to read all the Nero Wolfe novels and novelettes of Rex Stout (4 books left…). Plus started on a long-postponed reading/study of the Philokalia, several volumes of Othodox Christian writings from a span of several centuries. And kept up with regular household maintenance activities. And Sunday family dinners for those living in the area. And hours surfing the Interwebs and looking at the work of my ds106 colleagues.

And does ds106radio count as a class activity or a sideline? Behind the scenes for the last several weeks I’ve helped keep the schedule filled. Now that the station has been broken and repaired and changed, I don’t know what or when or how much I’ll plug the leaks in the schedule. I’m contemplating a regular show of some sort, but that will wait a bit.

As you can see, my busyness is no less and no more than your busyness, just different in some ways. We all have 168 hours a week to fill up!

#headlessds106 is over; #ds106 continues. #4life. Make Art, Bub!

Headless No More

Headless No More

One comment on “#headlessds106 is over; #ds106 continues #4life

  1. CogDog says:

    And you did not even mention your contributions to filling in the #ds106radio programming– thanks for all you added to the headless go around.

    At least we got to meet in Virginia.. Like Arnold, I will be baaaaaaaaack

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