Yardsales and Thriftshops

books from booksales and thriftshops

Treasures Found!

One of the fun things I like to do is visit yardsales and thriftshops. Not only is if fun to look at the odd miscellany that other people no longer want, but it fills practical needs. Sometimes, I’ll find clothing to wear. Occasionally, there will be some tool or gadget or supply that we can use around the house. Most often, however, I am looking for books!

Books have been a multifaceted hobby since childhood. Reading, collecting, selling, trading, giving, cutting up and using the pieces, and just plain filing shelves and stacking up all over.

Over the last two weekends, I’ve purchased the following books. Though I visited a couple of yardsales, these came from two booksales held by local churches and from a thrift shop. Of these books, I’ll read or at least skim, all of them, but most are destined for either eBay sales, PaperBackSwap trade, or re-donate to the thrift shop. A few will linger on my shelves for actual reading. Two or three will be used for scrapbook fodder.

From St. Andrew’s Methodist Church booksale:
A Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Comics
The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, Alan Watts
This Book Will Change Your Life, Benrik
Dynamics of Faith, Paul Tillich
They Called Him Wild Bill: The Life and Adventures of James Butler Hickok, Joseph Rosa
Natural Spirituality: Recovering the Wisdom Tradition in Christianity, Joyce Hudson
Weavings, a Journal of the Christian Spritual Life: Grace Abounding
Weavings, a Journal of the Christian Spritual Life: Keep Alert
Passion and Craft: Conversations with Notable Writers, Bonnie Lyons and Bill Oliver
Pirates, Pirates, Pirates, Phyllis Fenner
Flags of the World, Barraclough & Crampton
Malta: An Island Republic, Eric Gerada and Chris Zuber
Joy, Michael Podesta
The Worrell New Testament
Italian Miniatures, Mario Salmi

From Childrens Hospital of the King’s Daughters thriftshop:
The Mathematical Tourist, Ivars Peterson
Five Equations That Changed the World, Michael Guillen
WLT: A Radio Romance, Garrison Keillor
Gentlemen of the Road, Michael Chabon
2011 daily diary, from Grand Stationary Co, Dubai, UAE

From Francis Asbury Methodist Church booksale:
The Next Whole Earth Catalog
The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Brian Selznick
Streets for People, Bernard Rudofsky
Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Virginia Folk Legends, Thomas Barden
Still Standing: Cape Breton Buildings From Days Gone By, Terry Sunderland
General Lee’s College, Ollinger Crenshaw
Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World’s Undeciphered Scripts, Andrew Robinson

As you can see, this is either a lot of reading to do, or I need to get busy and sell them! After fourteen years of consistent eBay bookselling, I’ve taken a break for about five months now. It is time to “turn to” as they say.


One comment on “Yardsales and Thriftshops

  1. Mike Judkins says:

    Good read! If you’re into finding books at yard sales, check out this site which allows you to filter your view to your area and keywords like “books”. Heres an example (I’m in Austin TX but just replace Austin with your own area: http://yardsales.net/austin-tx/books/r:250/

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