Harness the Inevitable

harness the inevitable

Harness the Inevitable

In Daily Create TDC635, Stefanie suggests “Cry, die, then fly … take a picture that expresses emerging from a crisis.” I didn’t take a picture, but I took an old picture, a drawing from The CoEvolution Quarterly of Summer 1974. The theme of emerging from a crisis is expressed as harnessing the inevitable, making the most of the circumstances, rising above the crowd.

The image was a black and white, almost full-page drawing. I used GIMP and scaled it down a bit, added the color to highlight the brick and the blue sky with the fill tool, duplicated for a total of five layers. I slightly moved the second and fourth layer, then fit the canvas to the layer to make a uniform size. Then exported as a gif, with animation speed of 50 ms between frames. I think the effect is nice, implying the panic of a super-tsunami coming into the city, and the surfer harnessing the inevitable.


2 comments on “Harness the Inevitable

  1. goodmanseth says:

    Without intending to, I also reached back into the past for an earlier work to fulfill this Daily Create. I suppose representing “emergence from a crisis” requires a little perspective.

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