TDC633: My dinner video

Today’s Daily Create asked for video looking closely at the food I eat. I intended to make a nice one about dinner, starting with the well-plated plate. But I forgot! Halfway through desert it occured to me I could still make a quick video.

I grabbed my iPad, and had to figure out changes that iOS7 put into the camera app since I last used it. Once that was settled, I laid out the leftover foodstuffs and started recording. Starting with the into at my empty chair (not just headless), I then showed the entree (baked talapia) and veggies (corn (maize)), then to my desert (lemon bar), and finished showing my beverage (diet Coke). I reckon it went ok.

My wife prepared the meal, at her lunchtime. I worked about 8am – 3:20pm today, and she was busy with her piano teaching when I arrived. After some time relaxing and swimming in the pool (still warm enough!), I was ready to eat.

Posted the video, but noticed that the webpage is not picking up the videos. However, knowing that YouTube is persnickety, I also found I could not find my own video by searching for tdc633. I tweeted the direct link, and that works. And this blog entry might work also. I did update my tags, as it seemed that “dailycreate tdc633 was all one tag; I changed it to two. But I know that YouTube doesn’t really work on the tag system, so I have both tags in my title.

Exploring the technology is fun and useful. I need to get back to working on the story part!

And here is a late edition from earlier. A few days ago I made brownies for my wife for use with her piano students. I took the opportunity then to snap pix of the eggs. So, here are four chicken eggs, up close.

Four Eggs

Four Eggs


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