Art Making

The Daily Create for today is “Take a photo that represents the TDC idea of regular exercises of creativity.”

Loosely interpreting “photo”, I created a calendar in Microsoft Word, using an undated template. It was trivial to type in the words “Make Art!”, change font and color and highlight, copy and paste into every day, and change the title. However, it made a Word document, not an image. So, I saved it as a pdf. The pdf is an image file, so I imported that into GIMP, and without further ado, exported is a jpg.

Make Art!

Make Art! calendar

What’s the story here? As a senior in high school I took a “humanities” class, and learned to appreciate the arts. Until then, I was all about science and math and reading science fiction, and philosophy. I started community college as a fine arts major, with no previous experience. After two semesters I dropped out and joined the Navy. Now, years later, I am making new forms of art. Yet, I still tend toward being a consumer rather than a producer.

So, do I really Make Art! every day? No. But since joining the ds106 cult MOOC thing, I have learned that I can be prompted by others to be creative, I can interpret instructions, and I can make choices about what to do, what not to do, and how much when.

I continue, an Explorer of the World.


6 comments on “Art Making

  1. Pops,

    I love this! I always forget you were an art major once upon a long time.

    I think I take after you there. I’ve always loved art (writing). But now my craft is pastoring (sermon-writing). It’s an every week (nay, every day!) task that in the last year has really become my art. I enjoy throwing Michael’s fingerprints on doctrines and making them combust a little more (without being heretical). Tim Keller says something like “follow your artist impulse to the doctrine, not the doctrine to the impulse” — the line between heresy and powerfully creative preaching, methinks.

    Did I just say methinks? Oh boy.

    Also continuing as an Explorer of the World,
    Your son,

  2. Rochelle says:

    Yet another reason to log in and comment on a blog post…. I am touched at reading this beautiful exchange between father and son. What a gift I received.. when all I was going to do was pop in and chortle at your crossed out “cult MOOC” thing.

  3. I really enjoyed your calendar representation for this Daily Create, because it is just off the path of expectations, it is the cleverness of the idea I enjoy as much, no more than, the quality of the thing produced,

    And your calendar is just a reminder, not a task driver.

    I too was a science and math wonk in college, but ti was a required elective in Art History that blew my lid open. And I cannot say why.

    I really appreciate all the stretches you’ve made for ds106, Bill

  4. Not only a great post but a great connection.
    Thanks for sharing — in many ways.

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