Headless Make Art Victory Welcome

Winged Victory

Winged Victory
Nike of Samothrace

Nike of Samothrace, the Winged Victory, was my favorite sculpture in my early adulthood, when I thought I could make a living as an artist. While in the Navy, I had the opportunity to visit Paris with a couple of shipmates. We fit in a visit to the Louvre for about half an hour. My buddies ran off to find Mona Lisa, but not I. I found the Winged Victory. Somewhere I have my own picture of it (probably a 35mm slide, probably lost to Davy Jones locker). Here is a picture from Wikipedia, in the public domain.

Notice the lack of a head. Even without a head, victory can be won! Even if you haven’t done Art for ages (or for The Ages) you can make Art for ds106!

Welcome one and all! Have fun, Make Art, learn, apply, share, help, sit back and watch, fit it in with all you do, make it all you do. It is up to you!


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