Badge for Participation in headless ds106

Dear participant in headless ds106,

You have earned a badge! You have qualified for this badge by your willingness and desire to participate in the headless ds106 digital storytelling class.

Awarded for participation

headless ds106 participation

You may download and use this badge for your own purposes. In addition to this page, it is downloadable from flickr at

Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial licensing applies. My sources were John Johnston for the flaming headless ds106 person, and for the original badge design.


6 comments on “Badge for Participation in headless ds106

  1. Everyone is going headless! Thanks for the badge- @ds106 is now sporting it

  2. Nice badge. I feel almost guilty for getting a badge without doing anything other than signing up.

    Received gratefully and displayed on my learning space:

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      Glad you like it. It’s in prospect of your great potential, kind of like when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

  3. Thanks, Bill, for providing this! I found that when I tried to put it into wordpress from the link given above, it didn’t animate. But when I went to the Flickr page with the original, went to “view all sizes,” and downloaded the original size, then it animates! So some strange thing with the link above and wordpress not working together. Don’t know why. But thought I’d give this tip in case anyone else runs into the problem. And thank you to Alan Levine and Pat Lockley for helping me work through the problem and find a solution!

  4. byzantiumbooks says:

    That link is supposed to be the original size. You have worked hard to earn this badge. Congratulations!

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