The Power to Deny – tdc592

Power to Deny

Power to Deny

Today’s Daily Create is “Power corrupts, take a picture of something powerful”. However, the first thing I noticed is that there was a warning located where there would be thumbnails of the submitted images: “Awesome Flickr Gallery Error – User not found”. This particular error wording is reminescent of Flickr’s actual messages, with an informal, sarcastic, humorous approach. Awesome error? I don’t think so, Vern. But, I am not absolutely sure if it is an error with Flickr, or an error in the scripting of the Daily Create and its method of scraping the images from Flickr. I can imagine Alan Levine (who does so much work in programming these things) putting in the error as a humorous comment himself. I doubt it, though. I think he really wants the ds106 site to work seamlessly and error-free.

For the image, I took a screenshot (ctrl-prtsc on my Toshiba Satellite), opened a new file in GIMP, pasted in the screenshot, and used the rectangular selection tool to select the section I wanted. Then I inverted the selection and deleted to get rid of the rest. However, I made mistakes in sizing the image, so I gave up (temporarily) on GIMP and pasted the selection into Paint, from which I coulc crop and save. Then I opened up the saved selection into GIMP as a layer, and duplicated the layer so I could have two of them. On one of the layers, I selected and deleted the error message. Then, using the color picker I picked the dark gray (grey?) background, and then filled the empty selection with the paintcan fill tool. This gave me a layer with the error message and one without. Finally, I exported the image as a gif, setting the animation time for 500ms (half-second).

Of course, to view the animation (blinking the error message on and off) you have to view the gif correctly. Generally, opening the image in a browser will work. But WordPress requires that I insert the media at its full size. My first try may have been too big at over 500 pixels wide. I rescaled it to 350 pixels wide, and it works.

I have the image on Flickr also, were it has be viewed in its original size to see the animation. I am not yet using Tumblr, but my original (on Flickr) image might not work there, since it is larger than 500 pixels wide.

Thanks to the many folks participating with ds106 for informing me in many ways how to make animated gifs and other media experiments.


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