Skip Daily Create? Not today!

Today’s Daily Create (tdc588) asks us to “Create a pass or certificate that allows you to not complete this Daily Create.” At first I thought this quite paradoxical: if I created such a pass, I wouldn’t have to create such a pass; but if I didn’t create such a pass, I would have to create such a pass. However, in researching suitable certificates, I realized that there was a way out of the paradox: if I claimed I already knew everything about digital storytelling, I wouldn’t have to create a pass. Since I don’t know everything, I have to create a pass to allow those who know-it-all to skip out. So, if you are a know-it-all, you can skip this one (if you copy my certificate). But, if you don’t claim to know-it-all (most of us) you need to complete this task.

tdc588 skip pass

tdc588 skip pass

To make my certificate, I used Microsoft Word and found a suitable certificate template. After changing the wording to suit my purpose, I saved the document as a pdf. This allowed me to import it into GIMP to then export it as a jpg. If I wanted to spend a little more effort on this, I would change the background to parchment, but I won’t in case you want to print this yourself.

Very simple, really, but I did learn a couple of tricks with Word and GIMP, so I am getting very slightly closer to the know-it-all satori that ds106 illuminati exist in.


2 comments on “Skip Daily Create? Not today!

  1. I thought about the paradox here too…I really like what you did with it. I am, of course, not a know-it-all, so I should be doing this daily create. But no time today. Not a good enough excuse!

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