Typo Times headline story: tdc575

Typo Times
In following the instructions of Daily Create 575 (Design a DS106 Tabloid Front Page) I forgot that it was supposed to be based on the earlier sensational opening paragraph writing daily create of tdc554. But, you just can’t go wrong with a Talky Tina theme! Turns out there were at least two stories, one with her in the box and one with her flying around. It is no longer possible to separate fact from fiction, so you should read more tabloids!

After searching for some tabloid and newspaper templates online, and not finding anything I really wanted to use, I settled for the old standby of Microsoft Word. There is a template available for newsletters, so I picked a basic variation that gave enough formatting for my headline and story-start. After writing the text, I saved it as a pdf to then open in GIMP (tip of the ol’ twitter-hat to Alan Levine for the clue on that!). In GIMP I selected just the top half of the page, leaving the second headline on a different but current topic. I then found an image of Talky Tina in my files for the cover article, and simply merged it down onto the tabloid. Exported the whole thing as a jpeg, and all is done.

I find that I mostly like the written assignments (being a more literary-oriented type) but also like the image creation/manipulation process. Puns are fun, and the ds106 crowd is full of punny people. So the teasers on the left column were fun to include, tantalyzing the reader with the possiblity of interesting stories within. And leaving Alan’s quote hanging in midsentence was planned so that he doesn’t actually reveal what he knows about Talky Tina.


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