Panoramic 360 degree office tdc576

Home Office Panorama

Home Office Panorama

The assignment for tdc576 is “Make a 360deg panoramic photo of a room in your house.” I did not use an app, and found out late in the process that my Motorola Photon Android phone has a panoramic mode for the camera. I set up my Nikon D3200 dSLR on a tripod in my home office and just took several (11) pictures, rotating the camera after each, and leaving the focus and exposure on automatic. Each image is about 1.6 MB. After loading them onto the computer, I used GIMP to open the images as layers. I scaled the layers down to a more useful size (300 pixels tall instead of 3000). Then I changed the canvas size to have enough room for the eleven images (451 pixels x 11 = 4961 pixels). Then I simply moved each layer over to its correct spot in sequence, merging down onto the previous (accumulated) layer each time. In the end, there was some space left over (so I didn’t need to be so exact in the canvas size, but it helped to guide my placement), so I fit the canvas size to the layer size. The individual images did not line up perfectly, so there is an irregular white space along the top and bottom of the final image. But, for an essentially cut ‘n’ paste job as one might do with paper and scissors, I think it turned out ok. The final step was to export it as a jpg. The final size was only 455 kB. You will need to zoom in to see much detail.


2 comments on “Panoramic 360 degree office tdc576

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    This is a cool picture. You have a really long office. I mean, REALLY long! How did you make it so long, anyway? Can you print like a 10 page document or something and run to the end of the office and back before the printing is done? It is really long.

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      It looks so long ’cause it is really kinda small and crowded and the camera could only take small pictures and when all elevenses of them were stitched together it is an aspect ratio of like 10:1. But when Mr John Johnston made it spin in a circle I get disney when I watch it, plus I think the books might fly out the window. Thanks for your comment!

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