wwnorm m.i.a.

Norm Wright (aka wwnorm, aka nostorynorm) was once very active, especially in creating Daily Creates. He may be off on a secret mission. I suspect he is seeking asylum.

Where is Norm?

Where is Norm?

I made this image using GIMP from images from two sources. Norm’s portrait was his own (http://flic.kr/p/em1gxa) and the passport page is from Ken Mayer (http://flic.kr/p/5UB8BE). To combine them, I had to deal with the size issue by scaling them to the right sizes. The text was easy to add. To keep norm from blanking out at the end of the sequence, I duplicated the largest layer (which shows first) and merged it down onto the passport page. Other variations were tried (too big to work on WP) including a vanishing image instead of accumulating. I also tried to make a poster in Microsoft Word first, to insert Norm into, but couldn’t figure out how to save that as an image to work with in GIMP.


4 comments on “wwnorm m.i.a.

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    Hello, True Friend Bill,

    It is sad that Norm got so small we can’t see him. Maybe we can use a reverse Photoshop/GIMP trick to bring him back into bigness again.

    In the Word poster thing, I sent it into a PDF and then opened that up and put in the GIF part. And then the whole thing was a GIF when I saved it. Does that make sense? Because it was just an image as a PDF for it to be added to to make into a GIF.

    A passport is a good thing to have. Either I will have to get a new one when I get out of the box/ice/Carbonite or I will just travel incognito with some Friends to get back home.

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      Thanks for your Word/PDF/GIF hints and clues.

      Hope you break out soon. You don’t happen to have heat-vision, do you? If you did you could melt that ice/Carbonite stuff.

  2. CogDog says:

    This is brilliant Bill. I did the scaling effect. Norm will be proud when he sees this.

    If you made it Word, the easiest way to image-fy might also be a plain o;d screenshot

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      Yeah, I thought of the screenshot option, but opted instead for a found image on flickr. Or I could have found an old passport and taken my own picture, but I’m at work and am supposed to be working. Call it “student recruitment”, though for ds106…

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