Pipe Dreams of Jim Groom

Rene Magritte, in his painting The Treachery of Images, gives us lessons in what is the meaning of the artwork we create. Just as the painting of a pipe is not the pipe itself, and the canvas and paint aren’t the pipe itself, and the statement about the pipe is not the pipe itself, so a moving image of Jim Groom is not Jim Groom himself.

This is not Jim Groom

This is not Jim Groom

Thanks to Talky Tina for the template of the dancing images of Jim Groom. The image of the original painting is public domain. Since it is not a pipe, it follows that the image is not the original painting.

I’m currently reading Douglas Hofstadter’s I Am A Strange Loop, which would describe this disconnect of image and reality as an analogy. Even the pixels used to display this blog post on your screen make an analogy of the words and images. In fact, this is all just a figment of your imagination.


5 comments on “Pipe Dreams of Jim Groom

  1. Rockylou22 says:

    I noticed right away that you modified the placement of the Groom images so that he moves around the inside rim of the pipe. NICE! Did you have to do anything special other than placement of the image?

    • byzantiumbooks says:

      I just scaled the grooms, then placed them on dupes of the pipe, then merged down. Nine new layers then had to be properly sized. Finally, to get it to work on WP, I had to reduce the overall canvas size.

      I rather like the effect myself. Like Jim is skating around in there. Since the template is transparent, the pipe (which is not a pipe) became both the foreground and the background!

  2. Love this–I noticed the moving around of the Groom in the pipe right away too. I like how it works with the pipe. I could have tried that with Groom moving around my refrigerator shelf. I’ll do that sort of thing sometime, now that you’ve done it and given me the thought that hey, it’s possible!

    A very nice imagination it is.

  3. shannotate says:

    I like the idea, and the execution is great! It kind of looks like Jim is a flame inside of the pipe which is pretty cool too

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