Hippie National Anthem dailycreate tdc569

Well, Well, Hey, Hey

Even though I suggested this Daily Create, I almost skipped out on doing it (which would be ok). But, good ol’ hippie cogdog made a challenge when he created his, so I went ahead and made mine, for what it’s worth. And don’t fault me for my lack of a singing voice!

Even though I suggested this Daily Create, I’ve not been a fan of singing the national anthem, ever since high school days in the chaotic, Vietnam war era, hippie days of the 1960s. In homeroom we actually recited the pledge of allegiance; I would stand in respect but not put my hand over my heart and not recite. Even after a twenty year career in the Navy defending the constitution I am reluctant in these matters.

I’m not really a hippie, but the hippie culture has had its influence on me. So, I choose a song that has been called the hippie national anthem, the Lennon-McCartney song “All You Need Is Love”. Unfortunately, I am not really much of a singer (and prove it in this video). But I do have one of my two new granddaughters (Magnolia Rose, a nice hippie name!) in the home. In the spirit of one-world, one-love, international peace (she is Danish), I sing this song for her and her generation.

Production Note:
I recorded this video on my iPad, and when I checked it was about 75MB, which seems way too big for 29 seconds. After trying to convert it with various media players, I ended up downloading a trial of ArcSoft MediaConverter8. It allowed me to not only convert from .mov to .mpeg, but change the resolution so the file is down to *only* 11MB. Other than that, this was a one-shot quick shoot. Currently on vacation, which doesn’t equate to time to learn all about video production. As has been noted, video is the Daily Create category that tends to produce fewer entries. Time and effort to learn are needed. Maybe once I go back to work I’ll have more time.

Hippie Flag

Hippie Flag

Hippie Flag cc by Luiza Leite


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