To Serve Men Kanamits Burgers

For Daily Create tdc520, here are the burgers we had for lunch. Fresh from outer space, these ground Kanamits burgers were formed and quick-frozen on their home planet. When grilled in a blast furnace, they taste just like chicken. Available at Food Lions and other Food Beings throughout the colonized regions of the Imperial Galaxy.

Kanamits Burgers to Serve Men

Kanamits Burgers

To the Giant Lady

For Daily Create no. 518 “Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes”

To the Giant Lady

O Giant Lady (for Lady you are!)
in the farmhouse
How valiantly defending
your self
your land
your people
your planet
from invaders
from American imperialist troops
from fear itself

O Giant Lady (though I am from USA)
will you let me read to you?
As you seem to be,
I am all alone
I am hungry for
your company
your cooking
your visions

O Giant Lady (in another zone)
how can I come to you
how can you come to me
how can I see you
how can I read to you

O Giant Lady (if there is time enough)
be my friend!

–Henry Bemis

Badges assignment

ScottLo recently expressed the desire to be compensated for his fine work with a badge for his webpage. I found that there is a badge assignment!

ScottLo Badge of Radio

ScottLo Badge of Radio

And I thought that everyone in the ds106zone should have a badge.

For all ds106zone participants

For all ds106zone participants

I found a website that makes all kinds of badges, with tools to modify quite a bit. Plus they are gifs, so I used Gimp for animation. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Will you make more badges for everyone?

ἀποθέωσις : Apotheosis

This post is merely to clarify the use of the word “apotheosis” for Jimgroom, Scottlo, and anyone else who needs to know.

Apotheosis is a direct transliteration from the Greek ἀποθέωσις. The basic concept is one of elevating a human to a god-like status. “Deification” is a suitable synonym. I’ll leave it to the interested reader to search out more technical usages in theology, mythology, and literature.

In story-telling, it might prove useful to know that Joseph Campbell includes apotheosis in his monomyth sequence as the stage in the hero’s life after defeating a foe, when the hero experiences a god-like sense of consciousness, destiny, and power.

In art, Homer is sometimes honored. Here is Jean Auguste Dominque Ingres’ Apotheosis of Homer:
Original artwork in the Louvre, public domain; image in Wikipedia available for use under Gnu Free Documentation License.

Rule Seven a galaxy far, far away...

…in a galaxy far, far away…

Listening to Scottlo ‘casting on ds106 radio from the biggest earthquake in Japan’s history. Just like the broadcast of War of the Worlds, I start to think this is live action news, but I know it was recorded over two years ago, as the cogdog listened and published it on his blog.

So goes the internet, so goes media. We have recordings of history, of literature, of entertainment, of education. Unlike other eras of history, we have more than physical artifacts; we have digital recordings! Though these recordings can be remixed, altered, erased, and more, there exist exact copies. We must develop the “information literacy” skills to know what is true, what is important, and what isn’t either.

As I learn more of ds106 (and I’ve only been active with it lightly for a few weeks), I learn that the driving forces (current and former instructors, active open participants, etc) are very experienced indeed. I won’t disclose my findings (trying not to be a stalker…), but search the artifacts on your favorite search engine, read the postings of ds106 history on the About link, watch and listen to the recordings of conferences, classes, podcasts, etc. And I think one of the key messages that all have for us as students is “Just Do It!” Do the gifs, do the recordings, do the daily creates, do the summaries, do the hangouts. This is the way one learns creativity. This is the way one develops history. This is the way one develops the future. #ds106 is #4life!

I’m reminded of Rule Seven from “Some Rules for Students and Teachers,” (attributed to John Cage, but actually Sister Corita Kent of Immaculate Heart College): The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It’s the people who do all the work all of the time who eventually catch on to things. This is my admonition to myself.

Where's the tip jar?

Where’s the tip jar?