IamTalkyTina StoryPoem of Clichés


The Daily Create 536: Write a one paragraph story that uses way too many clichés

I interpreted “one paragraph story” a bit loosely, but here it is (in honor of IamTalkyTina):

talk your ear off
talk turkey
talk through your hat
talk it up
talk in circles

heart-to-heart talk
money talks
She can talk the leg off a chair
talk ’till your blue in the face

I am not my brother’s keeper
I am better off alone
to make a long story short
stick to the story
that’s the story of my life
tell tales out of school
time will tell
kiss and tell
Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are

How this story was made:

Using the Cliché Finder at http://www.westegg.com/cliche/, I entered in words related the IamTalkyTina theme. The actual words that produced useable results were talk, I am, story, and tell. The results were trimmed by deleting those that just didn’t work (in my opinion), but leaving the rest in the order that they appeared. I think it tells quite a story of our ds106zone digital storytelling experience with Talky Tina!


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