30 Uses for a T-shirt

T-shirt Time for tdc534

1. Wear it.
2. Print your corporate logo on it and sell it, thus get paid for advertising your product.
3. Wear it as a head covering.
4. Dish rag.
5. Wash the car with it.
6. Use it to help grip wet rotating plumbing connections.
7. Wipe your hands.
8. Tear it into strips and make a tail for your kite.
9. Stretch and frame it, so the printing on it becomes fine art.
10. Stretch and frame it, so you can paint it yourself.

11. Use it to fill in the gaps around your house, to prevent heat and a/c loss.
12. Sell it on eBay, claiming it is highly collectible and rare.
13. Make a book cover with it.
14. Make it into a beverage can holder.
15. Swat insects with it.
16. Run it up the flagpole. Use the right color for your mood: red flag of revolution, black flag of anarchy, white flag of surrender, etc.
17. Tie dye it and be a hippie. (it takes more than that, you know!)
18. Use it to protectively pack whatever you are shipping.
19. Strain any kind of liquids through it.
20. Undo all the threads, and knit yourself a t-shirt.

21. Shred it, and mix a bit into your hobo stews.
22. Make coffee filters.
23. Cover a window for privacy or block out too much light.
24. Put it on your golf clubs to help keep them clean.
25. Wipe your car’s dipstick on it.
26. Burn it, put the ashes in a special container, and make an altar.
27. Make a parachute for a little green army guy.
28. Make a tent for the other little green army guys.
29. Cut ‘n’ sew it into a necktie.
30. Stretch it in front of your microphone as a pop filter when recording Drive-Bys or broadcasting on ds106radio.

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