Story Listening


“I Failed Story Listening”

Story listening is as important, I think, as story telling. Here at ds106 I’ve been listening to quite a few stories! They have been fun, educational, enlightening, quirky, serious, and fanciful. The identities the authors and characters take on perhaps did not exist before the stories were written. Each has been absorbed into the character portrayed by “me”. I don’t think I have failed story listening…

These images are from one of my on-going stories, a scrapbook I have been building for the past few years called “Tap Here”. This page contains samples of text and images from a variety of sources, that somehow my stream of consciousness put together. Do they make sense? To me, in a personal and referential way, sure. Just as life makes more sense when viewed from the far end, so do these stories. Once declared complete, “Tap Here” will join the other volumes of Trek Across the Present, sometimes on a shelf, sometimes in a box, always on tap for review.


Words Get in the Way

Tap Here Pages

Tap Here pages

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