For Daily Create 531, we are asked to make a closeup photo of an unusual object in your freezer. I shifted to the fridge, and put my phone in there, showing the tweet of the Daily Create.

Phone on Ice

Phone on Ice

So, how did I make the icy effect? I opened the original image (seen below) in Gimp. First I used the curves control to adjust the color and white balance. This made the picture look a bit better, compensating for white and dark areas. Then I used the Filters tab, selected Distorts and Apply Lens. This gives a lens magnification effect, but I needed to not set the refractive index too high and end up hiding all the background. I want you to see that it is in the fridge, with appropriate items seen (juice in a jug, beer bottle, sour cream container). The end result looks like the phone is encased in a clear block of ice.

original image

original image

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