Badges assignment

ScottLo recently expressed the desire to be compensated for his fine work with a badge for his webpage. I found that there is a badge assignment!

ScottLo Badge of Radio

ScottLo Badge of Radio

And I thought that everyone in the ds106zone should have a badge.

For all ds106zone participants

For all ds106zone participants

I found a website that makes all kinds of badges, with tools to modify quite a bit. Plus they are gifs, so I used Gimp for animation. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Will you make more badges for everyone?

2 comments on “Badges assignment

  1. scottlo says:

    I love it. Thanks, Bill. As soon as I figure out how to put it in the sidebar of the blog, that’s where it’s going.

  2. Fantastic! How much fun is this? Love the badge you made for all of us. If I get time I may riff on it a bit. So many great things to make, so little time.

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